I bring a little of Russian accent with me everywhere I go. I was born and raised in Ukraine and immigrated to US when I was 18 years old. Growing up in a different social and cultural environment made me see and appreciate things like freedom, opportunity, and justice in different light.

After spending over 10 years in a corporate world  I quit my high-paying job to go to school to pursue my passion for philosophy and photography. Photography turned into a profession while philosophy and ethics still provide fuel for late-night debates with friends and strangers.

I started my photography career started as a sports photographer for NY Post. As I transitioned into wedding photography I found a lot of common elements I’m attracted to between the two genres - carefully preparations and anticipations, the climax culmination, the quick pace and excitement of the day, the emotional drama, and the unscripted moments.

My lovely fiancée is a prodigy classical pianist and I wish one day I’ll be as good in photography as she is in music. She and our rescued cat are both my muses and victims of my endless practices.

I’m a true Gemini - I have two minds about things and can almost always find a “but” in an argument. I’m usually a quiet type and prescribe to “say nothing unless you have something valuable to say”. But I can be very vocal when it comes to things that have to do with my job and with subjects I care deeply about. I like candid unobtrusive photography but I also enjoy beautiful staged portraits. I like simple and quiet lifestyle but enjoy spontaneous, romantic, and unexpected things.