I am guided by empathy and connection to people to create meaningful and impactful images. I thrive to show the celebration of love in its pure form, with laughs and tears, special touches and little dramas, fleeting connections and sentiments. Your commitment, your love and your story are my inspirations!

My approach to wedding photography is simple: I want to show how amazing you look on your wedding and to to capture all the genuine and unforgettable moments of the memorable day. I shoot for (pun intended) for the most natural and realistic images.  Aside from designated time for posed portraits and the photos of family and friends I stay as unobtrusive as possible to maintain the integrity and spirit of the day as if I am not even there.

Random facts about myself

I bring a little of Russian accent with me everywhere I go. I was born and raised in Ukraine and immigrated to US when I was 18 years old. Growing up in a different social and cultural environment made me see and appreciate things like freedom, opportunity, and justice in different light.

After spending over 10 years in a corporate world  I quit my high-paying job to go to school to pursue my passion for philosophy and photography. Photography turned into a profession while philosophy and ethics still provide fuel for late-night debates with friends and strangers.

I started my photography career started as a sports photographer for NY Post. As I transitioned into wedding photography I found a lot of common elements I’m attracted to between the two genres - carefully preparations and anticipations, the climax culmination, the quick pace and excitement of the day, the emotional drama, and the unscripted moments.

My lovely fiancée is a prodigy classical pianist and I wish one day I’ll be as good in photography as she is in music. She and our rescued cat are both my muses and victims of my endless practices.

I’m a true Gemini - I have two minds about things and can almost always find a “but” in an argument. I’m usually a quiet type and prescribe to “say nothing unless you have something valuable to say”. But I can be very vocal when it comes to things that have to do with my job and with subjects I care deeply about. I like candid unobtrusive photography but I also enjoy beautiful staged portraits. I like simple and quiet lifestyle but enjoy spontaneous, romantic, and unexpected things.