We offer heirloom quality hand-crafted lay-flat albums with selection of distressed and natural Italian leather or layered weaves of Japanese silk linen in rich luscious colors. The inside and the outside of the albums feature a minimalist uncluttered design to highlight the timelessness of the images and the craftsmanship of the materials. Sturdy lay-flat binding and thick cotton pages will last for decades and an elegant design will withstand a test of time against short-lived fashion trends.

The album prices vary greatly and depend on the album size (8x8, 10x10, or 12x12), cover material (linen or leather), page thickness (thin or thick), and the number of spreads. A small 8x8 album with linen cover with, 15 spreads and thin pages costs $325, while 12x12 leather album with 25 thick spread will cost $1,000. Couples usually spend $500 to $1,500 on the albums depending on the number of albums and configurations. 

Image Slideshow


Year 2018

Tia & James

Sarah & Andrew

Image slideshow is a great way to re-live your big day through compilation of highlight images set to accompanying music. 3-4 minutes presentation is an amazing way to remember your big day! The slideshow gives a much greater visual and emotional response to selected images and is an ideal way to share the story of your wedding day with your friends and rewatch the show many years later.