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We offer a range of packaged and a la carte services to satisfy our clients’ needs. An 8-hour photo coverage starts from $3,500. We also offer smaller coverages for elopements and City Hall weddings. To receive an accurate quote please fill out our contact form and let us know specific details of your big day: date, location, duration, number of guests, and etc.

How do I book?

How much in advance do we need to book?

Is there a contract

What is image release and how do you plan to use the images?

How many images should we expect

What happens if you die the day after the wedding

What happens if you get into car accident on a way to the wedding

What other services do you offer and do you have packages

Why are your services so expensive?

What happens after we book you?

How many pictures you deliver?

How much is retainer?

What’s the craziest story

Did you have bridzila

What happens if you get sick

do you take posed family photos

Do you take details photos

Do you have insurance

Do you have back up

Can we have raw files

Can we have copyrights

Why do you do what you do?

How long have you been a photographer

  I am guided by empathy and connection to people to create meaningful and impactful images. I thrive to show the celebration of love in its pure form, with laughs and tears, special touches and little dramas, fleeting connections and sentiments. Your commitment, your love and your story are my inspirations!

My approach to wedding photography is simple: I want to show how amazing you look on your wedding and to to capture all the genuine and unforgettable moments of the memorable day. I shoot for (pun intended) for the most natural and realistic images.  Aside from designated time for posed portraits and the photos of family and friends I stay as unobtrusive as possible to maintain the integrity and spirit of the day as if I am not even there.