Full WEdding - $4,000

  • Up to 9 hours of photography coverage

  • 2nd Photographer

  • Engagement Session

  • Image slideshow

  • In-person or video chat consultation

  • Custom USB with edited images and personal usage rights

  • Online image gallery

  • 700+ edited high resolution images

  • Optional $500 upgrade to up to 12 hours of coverage

  • Optional Wedding album(s)


  • 5 hours of photography coverage

  • Photo assistant if needed

  • Online image gallery

  • 350+ edited high resolution images

  • 1 Hour in person or video chat consultation

  • Additional time $400/hour

  • Optional 2nd photographer ($60/hour)

Elopment - $1,500

  • Monday - Thursday only; 15 people or less

  • 3 hours of photography coverage

  • Online image gallery

  • 150+ edited high resolution images

  • Additional time $300/hour

Full Wedding package

The package is designed to serve couples needing 7 or more hours of coverage and have 100 or more guests attending the wedding. It includes essential elements needed for proper photography coverage and delivery of the quality product while allowing flexibility to customize for your specific needs.

From our experience, 9-hour duration and 2nd photographer are required to be able to provide adequate coverage for a large type of event. This is true even when initial couple’s estimate calls for less time which usually comes from conservative estimate which often leads to crammed schedule and ultimately compromise in quality. If you have a smaller/shorter wedding, customizing a Small wedding package may be a better option for you.

We include 1 hour engagement session because we want to encourage spending time with the photographer in relaxed atmosphere before the fast-paced wedding day comes. Most people are not models and many are camera shy. This time allows couples to feel more comfortable working with the photographer and confident in front of the camera before the actual wedding. The resulting images from the session are a good way to decorate your invitations and wedding day guest book. We think it is time and effort well spent, however, if you prefer to skip the engagement session we’ll provide $150 towards your album purchase.

Wedding albums are not included in the package but can be purchased at the time of booking. We believe it is very important to have a tangible product to preserve the memories of the big day. In digital age with endless inflow of imagery we all came to consume images in quick passing manner devaluing their content and minimizes their importance. Physical presentation provides an outlet and justice for the images deserving to be remembered.

If you need coverage extending over 9 hours we’ll extend the duration to up to 12 hours for an extra $500.

We would like to meet (either in person or via video chat) with all couples wishing to use our services. We strongly believe that personal connection needs to be established to make sure we are a good match for each other to provide our best on your big day. We spend about an hour getting to know each other, planning your big day, and clarifying any reaming questions.

Small Wedding package

The package is designed for couples who plan to celebrate their wedding day in an intimate atmosphere with a relatively small number of guests. Typically this would be a 5-6 hour wedding coverage for a wedding with 50-70 guests, with no preparation coverage, ceremony and reception taking place in one locations such as local restaurant.

Couples may choose to expand the services in la carte style by adding hours or a 2nd photographer to the package. If 2nd photographer is hired s/he has to be hired to the same duration as the main photographer. We do not provide optional albums for a this package but you are welcome to create your an album by yourself from the digital images you receive.

Elopement package

This package is designed for couples who would like to elope in NYC either by themselves or with a group of guests under 15 people. This package is only available Monday through Thursday and includes basic amount of coverage. The coverage can be expanded by adding required number of hours

Details and frequently asked questions

Main photographer

All weddings are photographed by Denis Gostev as a main photographer. An assistant and/or a 2nd photographer may also be present depending on the type of coverage.

2nd photographer

2nd photographer is a person who will be taking photographs in addition to the main photographer. There are number of advantages in having a 2nd photographer. The main and 2nd photographer can separate and photograph in different locations at the same time (ex. bride and groom preparations). The main and the 2nd photographer allow coverage from different perspectives at the same time to maximize variety of angles without excessive movement (especially during the ceremony). Having two photographers on site allows one to focus on the ‘safe’ photographs while the other can explore riskier but potentially more interesting and rewarding opportunities. Lastly, 2nd photographer is an additional insurance policy against highly unlikely, but nevertheless not impossible, event of something disabling and unforeseen happening to the main photographer during or immediately before the wedding.

2nd photographer is required for a Full Wedding Package. 2nd photographer is optional for a Small Wedding Package, however, it may still be a good idea to have one present depending on your particular circumstances. If 2nd photographer is hired for a Small Wedding Package the amount of time has to be the same as main photographer’s.


Assistant is a person who helps with all photography related needs on the day of the wedding especially with lighting equipment. This person does not take photographs but aids the main photographer in working faster and more efficiently. If such help is not needed, the main photographer may choose not to bring an assistant or bring him or her for the part(s) of the wedding where such help is necessary.

Continuous coverage

All wedding photography coverage assumes consecutive times. Some downtime in photo coverage is inevitable, impractical to calculate, and is already built into the packages.

*Wait time break rates when over 2 hours long

*Custom USB

engagement session

Engagement session is an informal photography session typically lasting about an hour. Couples may choose their own place for photogarphy Where. Place of significance. Better yet place with good options. When. weekday 2 hours before sunset. Why? to spend time with photographer and create images for invites, and etc. Engagement session is include in the Full Wedding Package. A stand-along session is $700.

Wedding albums

We provide only high quality lay-flat wedding albums made to impress with with excellence in construction as well as elegant and clean design. Please visit our products page for samples.

images slideshow

Image slideshow is a great way to re-live your big day through compilation of highlight images set to accompanying music. 3-4 minutes presentation is an amazing way to remember your big day! The slideshow gives a much greater visual and emotional response to selected images and is an ideal way to share the story of your wedding day with your friends and re-watch the show many years later. Please visit our products page for samples.


Booking is on first-come-first-served based and is done by signing a contract and making a retainer payment. 30% non-refundable retainer is required to book your date with the remaining 70% of the balance due 2 weeks before the wedding. The contract is done electronically and the payments can be made via a bank check, Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo.

Editing Style

You should expect all delivered images to be consistent with the images you find on this website as well any other samples we present (Please contact us to request full wedding gallery). Editing typically involves color corrections and enhancements, cropping, sharpening. Some very selective set of images may receive more detailed polishing but as a rule of thumb editing does not involve heavy duty retouching or removal or addition of significantly large elements from/to a photographs. Most images are in color, however, selective few may be converted to black and white.

Final images

Final delivered images are a subset of all images taken on a wedding day. A lot of images will be discarded during the culling (selection) process to eliminate test shots, repetitive images, images with closed eyes or otherwise ascetically not pleasing images. All efforts are made to deliver not only artistic and beautiful images but also images that matter to you. When we are in doubt about the selection we generally stay on the inclusion side. Selected images are then edited and stylized before the final delivery. You should expect roughly 60+ final images for each hour of photography. It’s hard to predict exact number of images becuase of the number of varables involved in the equation. For instance, heavy travel time between locations may create some downtime where taking photographs is not possible.

All final images are delivered in high resolution JPG file format. We do not deliver or provide access to RAW images. RAW images are unprocessed digital files and are used as an intermediate step in creative process to deliver the final product with specific vision and style.

images OWNERSHIP, copyright, and usage

There is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic so we wanted to clarify some of the key points before

When images are created the ownership and the copyright of the images is automatically assigned to the person capturing an image. This is equily true in case of professional photographer as well as anybody taking a snapshot with a phone camera. Furthermore, the image ownership is not impacted by the equipment ownership. For instance, if you borrow my camera to take a photograph and hand the camera back to me you will be the owner of the captured image even though it was recored using my camera and I’m in possession of it.

Once an image is captured, the owner can then grant (or license) the usage of the images to other parties. The grant specifies exact usages such as for personal use, online and print publications, for advertisement, and etc. Possession of a copy of an image does not impact its ownership or the use rights. The use is further limited, even for the owner, if an image contains recognizable person(s) and the image is being used in commercial non-editorial context. In this case, a model release is needed from the person(s) features in the images. The same image may, for example, be used in a newspaper for illustrative purposes of a story but could not be used as an advertisement without a model release.

When you hire us to be your wedding photographer we maintain a freelance status and with it the ownership of the images produced during that time. We then grant you a personal usage rights for the delivered images. This includes unlimited print rights (individual, albums, etc) as well as sharing the images with other people. When images are shared via social networks we kindly ask to provide a proper linked credit to our work. We don’t grant any rights beyond personal usage. You cannot sell the images or use them for any commercial purposes.

*While we own the copyrights to the images, our own usage is limited contractually, esthetically, and ethically. We use our images to promote we do. This means that some images may be used offer a privacy xxxx $1,500 for a full wedding package and $1,000 on small.

Photo Delivery method and timeframe

We need 6 weeks after the wedding day to process and deliver the final images. The images are delivered via online photos gallery that can also be used to share the images and order optional individual print products. The gallery stays active for nine months after the publication.

Additional costs

Packages are meant to include costs to simplify the booking process. Following is NOT included in the package cost.

  • 8.875% NYC Sales taxes

  • Travel costs outside of 50 miles radius from Manhattan. In this case, travel cost would be estimated on individual bases.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

Rain as well as other inclement weather conditions are often considered as one of the possible disappointing factors on a wedding day. The most important thing for you to know and remember is that we WILL get amazing photos for you whether it rains or shines! There was not a single wedding where we were not able to provide promised images because of the weather. All you have to do is go along with the flow of the day and not let this impact your mood. Having said that, there number of things we typical consider and/or alter as we plan to better our chances for good photos.

  • A lot of times rain does not last the entire day and we can use opportunities when the rain stops.

  • If may find light drizzle tolerable and we can take some images with or without an umbrella.

  • We can use rain/snow to our advantage (our favorite options). Precipitations provide a unique creative opportunities not available on sunny days and highlight the story of YOUR particular day.

  • We can use all available indoor options in hotel, ceremony, and reception locations.

  • As a last resort we can offer coupe’s photography session after the wedding alleviating all related stress on the wedding day

What happens if you get into car accident on a way to the wedding; What happens if you get sick

This questions comes down to what is the risk factor associated with something unexpected happening to the main photographer and the ways to mitigate it. To assess the chance of this happening consider that it has not happened to us even once yet (knock on wood). When something does happen, it really depends on exactly what happens and when. It has to be something relativly major and disabilitaing in order for the main photographer not be able to perfrom. Depending on how close to the wedding day it happens there is a good chance we’ll be able to find a suitable replacement with a similar style. We have worked in the industry for many years and we are part of the wedding photographers associations where we can turn in time of need. Lastly, if something happens on the day of the wedding or shortly beforehand and there are not enough time to find a replacement, 2nd photographer can step in into main photographer’s role. This is one of the reasons 2nd photographer is mandatory on a Full Day Wedding.

What happens to the photos if you die next day after the wedding?

Yes, this is a real question we received once :) A little insensitivity aside, conceptually this is totally legitimate question. First, let’s look at the bright side, it would have been worse if it happened the day before the wedding. Second, the chances of this happening are so small (at least we hope so) that we wouldn’t worry about it too much. And finally, and more importantly, we worked in the industry long enough to accumulate a lot of good wedding photographers friends who can come to help in extraordinary times and will be able to fish the job for us.

Do you have a back up?

Absolutely! We bring multiple cameras, lenses, and flashes. Each camera we use has a dual memory card slots to records redundant duplicates as a back up. After the wedding all images are copied into multiple backup storages the night of the wedding.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we maintain 2M liability insurance and will be happy to submit a copy to your venue when the time comes.

*Do you take staged family portraits

Yes. We often do not show staged family portraits as part of our portfolio presentation but do take family portraits of each and every wedding. Please visit our page to see samples.

*Do you take details photos

It depends on how much time is allocated for the getting ready part of the day and how import the stand along details are for you. For instance, the set up of a wedding dress alone can take as much as 30 minutes. It needs unpacking, finding a suitable hanger, and most importantly, locating a fairly large clean space where it can be securely hung. We would much rather spend that time photographing interaction between people and later when the dress is on you photographing you in it. As important as a wedding dress is (or other details might be) it starts to shine and have a true meaning only in context of the relationship to it’s owner.

*Can you help us with planning?

Absolutely! We Planning guide link

*Did you photograph in our venue before?

Absolutely! We Planning guide link

Can we provide you a shot list?

It depends on what’s in it :) We welcome the shot list for the family portraits as it will expedite the process and hopefully save valuable time on your wedding day. We also recommend including very short list of specific things we wouldn’t know are important to you. We discourage creating an extensive shot list because it will make us concentrate on preconceived collection of images while missing out on more important unscripted moments that will inevitably happen during the day.